Three things to do now, to prepare for the avalanche oF events in 2021

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Add the rescheduled events from 2020 + the events from 2021 and you get = A Packed Calendar of Events for 2021!!

And here is the question for YOU! Are you prepared?

  1. Do you have your business set up?
  2. Do you have an efficient and clear planning process?
  3. Do you have those invoice templates ready?

I am still in shock. I call venues and they are booked solid. My favorite photographer has no availability until November 2021. And let’s add to that the unfortunate fact that many vendors closed their businesses. So now there is a smaller supply for a larger demand.

This is the moment for you to get in the game, and I am going to give you three things you can do right now:

LEarn: Planners Bootcamp

In Planners Bootcamp I will guide you through setting up your event business and train you on how to plan events like a professional. It is so important for you to invest in yourself and set up the foundation of your business. This will get you ready fast to take on event clients and charge appropriately for your services.


Your local event industry is crucial to your success. This is a community you need to get acquainted with now. Reach out to them on social media, re-connect with them over coffee, and make sure every person remembers your name. Think about it, with all the employee turnover, that one venue coordinator that used to send you clients all the time might not be there anymore. Take this time to reach out, reach out, reach out.


It’s time to choose. Would you like to relive 2019, 2018, 2017? Or would you like to live a brand new year. Do you want to break that financial ceiling you have? Do you want to wake up everyday and do a job you love? Then you have to CHOOSE to make a change in 2021, and WAIT, that is not enough, you need to take ACTION. Do something different every day to make that change happen. Take the course on event planning, go to Party City and try out a balloon garland, go on Canva and design your business logo. Take this downtime to do something that moves you toward your goal.

Now, if you are thinking…

I don’t know how to be a business owner?

I don’t have the time to start a side business with my full-time job as well?

I don’t know if people will like my work and hire me?

Then you my friend, need a coach and guide. Someone to kick your butt into high gear and keep you accountable. While also teaching you proper banquet table sizes, and selling to bride tactics of course. You need to join my wonderful group of amazing planners. Take Action. Take a Step ↓

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