Plan Your First Coaching Event, with Amazing Results, in 10 Minutes or Less

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Yes, it really is easy. So let’s not overcomplicate this thing….

An event is simply a gathering, a celebration, a party, a moment of fun. And that is exactly what you need to get in front of your audience and build a loyal following fast!

But first let’s talk about WHY events. Why spend time planning and attending an event for your coaching business. The biggest reason is that it gets you right front and center, all cuddled up next to your ideal client. You get to ask all the questions you have been wondering. What does my ideal customer want? What are their fears? Where do they shop? (Handy for filling out all those ideal avatar questionnaires)

A starter event allows you to get all the insight you need to create products and services that actually sell. They give you the opportunity to connect with your clients and get from “like” to “trust” in a couple of hours. 

COACHING EVENTS give you immediate insight into what products or services will actually sell

But in order for it to be a quick win, you can not spend too much time planning it. And in order to keep you motivated, we better make it fun. 

  1.  MAKE IT FUN: Think of something you, and your ideal client finds fun. It could be coffee, arcade games, football, etc…. If you are excited enough to attend that you will get off the couch and forego the weekend Netflix binging, then so will your audience. 
  2. INVITE A FRIEND: Invite one of your social friends to go with you. Someone that can totally socialize and entertain themselves when you are busy engaging with your audience. 
  3. SEND OR POST THIS MESSAGE: “I am planning on going to Sports Grill on Saturday to watch the game and talk about the top strategies I used this last quarter to hit $100,000 in sales. Want to join me? DM me and I will give you the details. ” Just change the underlined areas. Here is with guidance,  “I am planning on going to somewhere fun on day to do something fun and talk about some of your best tips/strategies with a result it has given you recently. Want to join me? DM me and I will give you the details. ” You can post this on IG stories, Facebook, or even email it out to your list.
  4. PLAN: After you see how many people respond, plan for a table or area at the place you are going. Something simple and throw in a round of drinks. 

I know what you are thinking. What if only 2 people show up? Or, what if no one shows up?!  Then you are about to have a lot of fun with your friend. You are going to take photos and send them to everyone that missed this meetup. “We missed you on Saturday, but I didn’t want you to miss out on the strategies I gave. Here is a link to a blog post I wrote about the strategies I used this last quarter to hit $100,00 in sales. See you at our next meetup!” Then you can poll them on where the next event should be at. Keep the conversation going.

In my experience, you will get more people than you imagine. People ready to learn from you and ask you their questions. You are going to start to feel comfortable as a host and will see all the possibilities of incorporating events into your marketing strategy. It all starts with one small party.

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