No, you are not engaged to justin Bieber and need a wedding planner!!!

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Let’s talk about the crazies that us wedding planners have to deal with. No, I am not talking about the bridezillas or the groomzillas. We can easily handle those with some Patron. I am talking about the actual wedding planning inquiries we receive from people convinced they are marrying a celebrity…..

I am NOT kidding. This happens to us A LOT. We get the inquiry, set up a call, send our packages, and get ready to go to contract. And then, when we ask for the fiancees name, they are like “Justin Bieber”. Sorry, can you say that again. “My fiancée is Justin Bieber”. Ok, at this point you think we are part of a scam. We are getting punk’d. The person on the other end is laughing hysterically. NOPE, this person is dead-as-a-doorknob serious. They truly believe they need wedding planning services to marry a celebrity they are somehow engaged to in their minds!!!!

One time, this potential client set up a Skype meeting with my entire team, since he was in Texas. When the guy came up on screen we asked him all the usual questions; details, guest count, budget, etc… It was all going oh so well until twenty minutes into the call. When it came time to tell us about his fiancée, he claimed to be engaged to a FAMOUS female country singer. It was so hard to keep a straight face. I wanted to burst out laughing, but the guy was so serious and completely engaged in planning this fantasy wedding that I kept my professional demeanor so that I would not insult him. My team didn’t handle it so well though. They quickly fled off camera. One of the girls peed a little (she does that when she laughs really hard). Poor guy. Can you imagine the posters all over his wall? The scribbles in his notebook?

So now I am thinking of starting a division of fantasy weddings. You can hire me to plan your fantasy wedding to your fantasy celebrity. I will charge you in fantasy money, AKA Bitcoin, and you can get on your fantasy horse and ride until you reach the sunset.

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