starting an event planning career in an economic crisis? Been there, done that

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In an instant—everything changed.

It was 2008 and I had just opened my event planning company. That’s right, 2008, months before the economy collapsed. I could not believe it. I had my website, business cards, and planning packages ready. I had spent the past three years interning for companies that did big corporate events in NYC, and social events for very wealthy clients. I had a list of corporate contacts ready to email and let them know of my new company in Miami, and then, just like that, corporate events were gone. 

Sound familiar? 

Covid and quarantine have had a huge impact on the event industry. My company alone took a big financial hit. But I was surprisingly calm in March 2020, because I have been here before and I know that this is also an OPPORTUNITY. My bank account is in the middle of a mid-life crisis, but I have been given the gift of time. Towards the end of 2019, I was planning and producing events so fast that I had zero time to look at my accounting and processes. I had no time to follow up with past clients. I did not stop to evaluate my current team members. It was go, go, go, as fast as I could. My office and living room where stacked with boxes to be shipped and leftover favors. Every corner a mini version of an event I still had to wrap up. It was exciting & exhausting.

And then, just like that, we were in quarantine. I still was wrapping up the Superbowl event I had done for Genesis, and simultaneously looking for a bigger office to handle the influx of events we had on the table. I was hopeful that at least some of them would still go through. That this quarantine would only last for a month or two max. But as the months went by, and the events started to postpone, I knew that I had to change my thinking and see the positive in this, just like I did in 2008.

You see, history taught me what a magnificent gift time is. Like a knight gearing up with all the best armor and weapons for the fight of their lives. After the economy collapsed in 2008, I took the time to gear up with skills, education, and the most robust operations system I could build. And now, I would do the same. I dived into the works of the top social media masters and reworked my content to best serve my target market. I streamlined my planning process and created a guide so that any new employee can be quickly trained and can successfully plan events with the level of detail and efficiency I expect. And I also reworked my accounting system so that I can go in there easily at anytime and see where the profit is greatest, so that we can target more of those types of events. But most importantly, I finally was able to start mentoring future event planners, and tap into my passion of teaching.

This gift of time, is an opportunity for you to set the foundation of your planning career, improve every process in your planning for greater efficiency and profit, and evaluate your time, with the goal of having a work-life balance that is worth it. So the next time you question whether if now is a good time, with everything going on in the world, to follow your passion. Know that the answer is, “now is the only time”…

This is the time to jump into the event planning career you dream of. 

This is the time to become that entrepreneur that already lives inside of you.

This is the time to live life celebrating every day!

P.S. Make sure to notice, all those events I had on the table in March, postponed to 2021. All the posts and articles I read are about brides and companies postponing their events to 2021 and 2022. A BIG wave of events are coming. Are you ready?

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