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Warren Buffet, Phil Mickelson, and many other successful people I listen to share the message of focusing all your energy on one thing in order to succeed in it. And I am over here like ONE THING?! The one thing is that I am so busy I haven’t brushed my hair in 3 days and my task list is longer than Warren’s monthly bank statement! HOW?! Really, how do you choose one thing and leave the others to the side?

And then I came upon the answer in 2019. Answer is, you don’t. It’s impossible. Especially women, that are overwhelmed with work, taking care of others, and a household, can not fathom choosing one thing to focus on and leaving everything else on the back burner. It feels wrong.

So what do you do? You Choose Consistency

You choose one thing. One thing that would be life changing, one thing that would affect everything else in your life, and you fit that one thing into your mountain of other things every day. Nothing gets put on the back burner. Every day can have a different focus. But this one thing, you do this one thing every day, even if for 15 minutes. 

Focus can feel hard and wrong at times, but consistency will move the needle while allowing you to go with the flow of your responsibilities and emotions

So here is what I did, I bought a Piñata. I was inspired by a podcast by Ed Mylett and adjusted it to what felt right for me. On the piñata I wrote my goal. I wrote the one thing I know will make everything else in my life better, and I hung it in my closet. Every day I make sure to work towards that goal. Some days it is 15 minutes, some days it is 8 hours. Somedays I just respond to a couple of DMs while at my son’s karate class. I just make sure to stay consistent 7 days a week. Then at the end of the day, I hit the piñata. It is a reminder that with consistency the piñata will break, I will achieve my goal, and the prize will come flying out. And yes, I wrote a big prize for myself and stuffed it inside. 

This has been an effective way to work towards my goal without feeling unfocused on other things of importance in my life. I hope you try it to. I would love to hear about your goal and your prize. Or you can guess what is inside my piñata…

My big goal for 2021 is...

Writing a goal down makes it more than twice as likely that you will achieve that goal. So go ahead, WRITE IT DOWN HERE. 

    Three things to do now, to prepare for the avalanche oF events in 2021