Your #1 Goal at Your Event is to Connect with your Target Audience. Here are the 5 Team Members You NEED to handle the Rest

This is the moment you have been planning for! You put your brand event, seminar, retreat, or conference together, you are ready to make major sales, now is your time to reach that goal. The moment you step into your event, your only task is to connect with your audience. Everything else that happens at your event needs to be handled by your team. That is what will allow you to focus on your goal. 

I have been producing and handling events for entrepreneurs and brand for over a decade, and I know how quickly you can get distracted from your goal. I also know what is needed to handle a professional event that will impress your clients. So I put together the 5 essential team members you need to run your event and allow you to focus on getting all the benefits this event will bring your business. 

1. The Photographer: Capturing the CONTENT

Having a photographer, even if it is a friend that always takes fab pictures, is essential. Your event will be full of content, months of it, and you need someone whose only job is to capture all that content for you. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you, or your guests will “get some pictures for you”. And to even make this better, make your photographer a shot list. Write down all the photos you must have. It can be things like you talking among a group of happy clients or guests purchasing your products. Any image idea you have that you can use later in your marketing should be written down on the shot list.  

2. Guest Relations: Setting the Right Vibe

To create a welcoming and positive atmosphere, assign a guest relations person or team. This individual will be responsible for registering guests, distributing swag bags, and addressing any questions or concerns attendees may have. They make sure your guests have a positive mindset and are ready to receive your offer. Their role is crucial in ensuring that guests feel taken care of and that any issues are swiftly resolved. Having an extroverted person in this role can help keep the vibe up, even if you’re an introverted entrepreneur.

3. Tech Director: Ensuring Smooth Technical Operations

Technical glitches can be financially detrimental to the success of your event. If your visual presentation stops working, the sound goes off, or the wifi goes kaput your guests will lose focus and will associate a poorly executed job with your brand. Hiring a tech director with expertise in lighting, sound, Wi-Fi, and AV equipment is vital. They will handle technical aspects such as setting up and troubleshooting projectors, speakers, and other equipment. This will ensure that your presentations and event runs smoothly, allowing you to focus on connecting with your audience.

4. Stylist: Reflecting Your Brand's Image

Your event’s aesthetic and ambiance should align with your brand image. If your event is boring, basic, and stale, people will assume your brand is boring, basic, and stale. Bringing in a stylist, or a friend with a great eye, can help design an atmosphere that allows your attendees to see and feel what your brand is about. If you’re unsure, there are online event stylists and designers who can provide mood boards and recommendations based on your plans and preferences.

5. Logistics Coordinator: Keeping Things on Track

A logistics coordinator plays a vital role in executing your event plan flawlessly. They ensure that everything is set up as planned and the schedule for your event is being followed. They also act as the point of contact for the day, they address questions and issues from your vendors, allowing you to focus solely on your customers. Make sure to also give your phone to the logistics coordinator! This will make sure you prioritize customer interactions without distractions.

Creating a successful event requires a team that focuses on their specific roles and responsibilities. By having a photographer, guest relations person, tech director, stylist, and logistics coordinator, you can take these tasks off of your plate and focus on reaching your event goals. Remember, your primary focus should be gaining the trust factor with your customers and making sales. Let your team handle the rest.

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