5 Tips to eliminate stress & actually enjoy planning a marketing event for your business

 As an Expert Event Producer, the most common comment I receive is: I COULD NEVER DO THAT! EVENT PLANNING IS SO STRESSFUL! And I laugh, because it is not stressful at all. It is fun!

 Many business owners find it overwhelming to imagine adding event planning to their already busy schedules. However, events should be enjoyable and not stress-inducing. Events are an opportunity to have fun while growing your audience and making sales

Here are Five Tips that will help you plan an event with ease, allowing you to reap the benefits without adding unnecessary stress.


One crucial aspect of event planning is to ensure that the event itself is fun and exciting. Instead of settling for dull or uninspiring ideas, think of activities or themes that you Love. Because if you love it, your target audience will probably love it to, and would eagerly look forward to attending. And because it is one of your favorite activities, you will actually enjoy planning the event.

TIP #2 Build a Team

Build a team, even if it consists of friends or family, to handle aspects of your event so that you can focus on the most important thing, connecting with your clients. Your team members can handle various responsibilities like photography, guest relations, and tech. Collaborating with a team ensures that you are not alone in the planning process and sets you up to achieve the goals you have for the event.


One of the most effective ways to reduce stress in event planning is to adopt the principle of “Keep it simple, stupid” (KISS). Focus on one or two impactful elements that helps your guests understand and feel what your brand is about. Many people think they need the perfect decor, 5 bars, synchronized swimmers, expensive gift bags, etc. etc. etc.! Avoid getting caught up in unnecessary details and instead concentrate on conveying the essence of your brand to your audience with one or two impactful things. Keep everything else simple and professional.


Financial stress is a common concern for entrepreneurs considering hosting a marketing event. However, you can finding sponsors who are eager to reach your target audience. Approach companies that align with your event’s theme or purpose and offer them an opportunity to showcase their products or services. This win-win situation allows sponsors to gain exposure while providing you with the necessary resources for a successful event.


To ensure a smooth and seamless event experience for your attendees, put yourself in your guest’s shoes and conduct a guest walkthrough. This involves physically going through the entire event journey as if you were an attendee. Note crucial points such as where to park, how to find the right room, what is the wifi code, how to buy your product, etc…. By understanding the guest experience step-by-step, you can effectively plan and create a transformative event that helps your guest go from potential client to brand fan.

While event planning may initially seem overwhelming, following these five tips will help you approach it with confidence and enthusiasm. By making the event fun, building a team, simplifying the planning process, securing sponsors, and conducting a guest walkthrough, you can create a stress-free and successful event that accelerates your business growth. Remember, events should be enjoyable for both you and your attendees, leading to increased sales, audience growth, and enhanced brand visibility. So, start planning and unlock the tremendous benefits that live events can bring to your business. Cheers!

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