The Ultimate Guide to Booking your Perfect Venue, Part 1: How to find it

So, you’re planning an event. Not just any event, but one for a big brand, something that needs to stand out. Gone are the days of standard ballrooms and typical venues. Today, we’re talking about finding those out-of-the-box, fabulous spaces that leave a lasting impression. Why? Because big brands understand the importance of venue selection. It sets the stage, quite literally, for the entire event.

First things first, how do you even begin to find these unique venues? Well, it starts with asking yourself, or your client, some key questions. Let’s dive in.


  1. Question number one: What does your ideal customer love to do on the weekends? Understanding your audience is crucial. If they love shopping, why not host your event near their favorite mall? You want a venue that excites your guests, not one that feels stuffy and inaccessible.

  2. Question two: What’s a place your ideal customer doesn’t usually have access to but would feel honored to be at? Think exclusive spots or trendy locations. Piggybacking off existing excitement can elevate your event’s appeal.
  3. Question three: What places perfectly align with your brand’s style and aesthetics? Finding a venue that already complements your brand’s vibe can save you time and money on decorations.
  4. Question four: Where is somewhere you’ve been dying to go? If it excites you, chances are it’ll excite your audience too. Your enthusiasm is contagious!
  5. Finally, question five: What are three things your event must have to be successful? Consider practical necessities like stage space, outdoor areas, or unique lighting.

Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to start your search. I’ve got a few websites up my sleeve that are absolute game-changers when it comes to finding unique venues for your or your client’s corporate event.

First up, Peerspace and Splacer. Think of them as Airbnb for event spaces. From rooftop offices to photo studios, Splacer offers a diverse range of non-traditional venues. You can not only use these as venues. You can also find a conference room for a quick meeting with your client, or even a marketing photoshoot for your business. 


Next, Venues by Tripleseat. This platform lists venues that use Tripleseat’s event management system, guaranteeing quality and professionalism.


For those seeking high-end, exclusive locations, LoopNet is your go-to. It specializes in commercial real estate listings, perfect for finding that truly unique venue. I have been able to secure buildings pre-opening, large empty lots, and even historical banks through Loopnet.


Don’t overlook Airbnb and VRBO for more intimate, homely settings. Just remember, they’re a starting point. Connect with property managers to access the houses you truly want. They are happy to work with you and guide you to even properties they represent that are not on the site. 


And lastly, Bizbash. If you’re serious about events, you need to know about Bizbash. It’s an online magazine, and the ultimate resource for event planners, offering inspiration and insights into the industry’s hottest venues, events, and ideas.

So, armed with these questions and resources, you’re ready to embark on your venue-finding journey. Stay tuned for the next episode, where we’ll dive into the walkthrough process and ensure you make the best decision for your event. Happy venue hunting!

I  created this free guide for you so that you go through this venue process like the ultimate professional you are. I included checklists for the walkthroughs (front of house and back of house), and what to look out for in the contract. Download for free and make sure to check out the three episodes of the podcast that talk all about the guide. 

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