About Joan

Now I am a professional planner with years of experience planning events for some of the world’s top brands. Now I can, and have, planned an entire luxury wedding in four days. Now I teach planners like you how to start and grow a successful planning company.  But that has not always been the case…

When I started I didn’t know table sizes, flower names, or catering quantities. I didn’t know how to stay three steps ahead of a problem, and squash it before it happens. I was new at this, like you. I always loved to plan, was borderline OCD with organization, and had a background in fashion. I had many of the skills that make for a great event planner, but I knew I needed professional training, so I headed to where the best in events are, New York City. After working there for many years, and learning the in and outs of the corporate event world, I headed to Los Angeles to work on my design and social event skills. Then finally I decided to come back to Miami, my hometown, and start my own company. The first few years were tough, lots of trial and error, but I quickly got good and my list of clients grew to include luxury companies worldwide. 

I have made all the mistakes. I learned lessons, know the tricks, can see through any vendor. I know what old school methods don’t work anymore and how to incorporate free technology to make planning a wedding easier. 

Now, I am here to train you! I am here to open the doors of my planning company, Love.Style.Events and give you a full tour of what works. The best and fastest way to grow is to learn from experts, and take action steps toward your goal. You now have our Facebook group, blog, newsletter, and of course coaching to consistently receive the tools, resources, and information you need.

I am excited to go on this business journey with YOU. Here is to your success!